Product Presentation Template, 3d Plugin embed tutorial

Anyone know where to download the Product Presentation Plugin and where to find the tutorial on how to embed the 3d plugin into web pages? I keep getting the run around that inevitably leads me back to this page:
and these items are not found there.
Thanx, Rambo

Can anyone help?

You need to download the WebPlugin first:

It’s not a typical download; you click on the link and it uploads the needed code in the background.


I already had the 3d web plugin installed, but was really looking for how to embed it into a web page. Then I visited the demo page and got a javascript error on every demo. Do you think I’m out of luck? I guess I could just try to create a game and make it available as a download, even though it’s not actually a game.

Sounds like a Java support problem on your OS.

You might also try it with Blender v2.25 (about the same vintage as the last supported version of the WebPlugin), but that has nothing to do with Java (that I know of).


Actually it is a javascript error. From what little I know about the language (only enough to be dangerous), I think it is telling me that the popup windows are not working. Here is the error report:

Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Object expected
Code: 0

I think the source folder that the scripts link to may have been moved, renamed, deleted, or the scripts are improperly coded, because the window object never appears.

Also, when I ran this script from the page source it tells me that

Line: 21
Char: 1
Error: “Window” is undefined
Code: 800A1391
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

Not positive now if it’s a plugin coding error - such as function [getWindow] - or a script linking eror. It just can’t access the window object.

I don’t know who to report this to and have to go back out over the road tomorrow (commercial driving) and unfortunately won’t have internet access for the next few weeks. Would you please report this so that future users can can access these files?

                                                    Thanks for your help,