product renders

made some demo models for my business course, it was a dragon’s den type of thing where we presented in front of a panel of judges.

the models were deliberately simple, so that I can make physical prototypes using a cnc machine

not as shiny as the render, but the judges sat pretty far away so I don’t think they’d notice : ]

there was a website prototype too (the user/pass is a dummy, enter anything)

Looks professional to me. I like its simplicity. First i thought its some stylized render of the product. But its not actually far from real product. It makes me feel of 60/70s designwise.

ooh - thats really cool especial that you made the models with a cnc machine, too.
What did you use to reallize that project?

Nice render. The physical models have some more details.


this is the cnc machine that I used to build the physical models:

it’s home made : ]

oh, and don’t forget to get your orders in for my carving site before the holidays :smiley:

I think they look really good! it really does look professional

very well rendered and it blender internal? what is the metal material settings.

yeah, blender internal. The material is just white with large spec size, and a little reflection - a brushed metal texture probably would have helped but this was supposed to be quick n dirty. It looks good mostly because of the lighting and beveled edges I think.