Product Shot "FRITZ!WLAN Repeater"


it’s been a while… and fortunately the company I work for is presenting some new products that need to be visualised :).
I used Blender’s internal renderer and paid special attention to highlighted edges. I hope you like it.



Click the images to see them in higher resolution:

Hehe - the classic half reflection on the front face. Looks very nice. Great job with the internal renderer. Was it modeled in Blender?

Nice work. Very professional. How do you make so clean white floor. With Blender or with image editor.

That’s easy make a white world background. Add a plane to put your product on and activate Only Shadow in the shader for it. Now you should see the shadows but not the plane and since the background is white it looks like an infinite white floor.

@thoro: Is that an actual product of Fritz? Is it out yet? How much does it cost?

This is simply, but what if you put HDR or LDR map as background. :eyebrowlift:

Nice work…

In that case, you can assign a blank backdrop image, the render will still show the reflections from the H/LDR map but won’t render the map itself. I keep a white image saved for use in numerous projects solely for this purpose.

Thank you very much!

goosey: Yes, it’s modeled in Blender - using Mirror and Edge Split Modifiers.

musk is right, I’m using a material with “OnlyShadow” option. The shadow itself is the result of Ambient Occlusion with “Sub” option. I’m using spotlights to light the object and Ambient Occlusion to get subtle shadows. I would love to have a “OnlyReflection” option :).

musk: Yes, it’s a FRITZ! product - but it’s not out yet. I think it will be released in October and I’m not sure about the price. I’m currently preparing the product pages for our website.

Nitronic755: That’s a good way - although I prefer to render images using the “Key” option in Render Settings - but that’s because I need a transparent background for post production.

This technique is very interesting for stock illustration. Can you be more specific about the settings for backdrop material?

very nce work. the madeling look so smooth:yes: .

the only thing I would change is give it some blured reflectionm, other than that great job!


This is only way for making object with reflection over white reflective background with the shadow. Two scene. One with HDR map and light and the other with white background and without light. In the scene-2 material for the object is black (for black floor reflection).
Floor is made with two planes. One with only shadow and other with reflection. For background is one white plane with shadless material.


Not much to be specific about… just a blank image, the backdrop, the HDRi and a shiny material. Im rendering an example now, I’ll post it when it’s done.


Interesting approach - it would be so nice to have an easier solution for these reflections.

By the way, this image made it to the product package! If you see a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater at your dealer, you’ll know that the product shot is rendered in Blender.