Product shot

Hello, this is my first post :D. I have been mking said product shot, need some feedback please! :wink:

unless you’re a master blender renderer you should very much consider an external render engine for product shots. If you don’t understand why, just try to render this in cycles and you’ll see how it suddenly looks 10 times better. However, while cycles is easy to setup and directly within blender you should probably switch to luxrender for now, cycles is just missing too many features right now.

By that I don’t mean to say blender internal is bad, it’s just that blender internal approximates A LOT (!) and therefore it’s hard to make it look believably realistic. And product shots are all about rendering.

You might also use some material nodes to get the “fading out” effect of your juice material.

I hope this helps and keep it up!

Thanks for the quick reply, I tried to use Luxrender but it just showed a black render, same with cycles. =(

well, you need new materials. Cycles uses node based materials and certain presets. Just create new materials, open the compositor and use Shift+A to create new nodes. Start with a glass node to get the feel for it :smiley: (The coordinates which you’ll probably also use for your label is also a node which you need to put into your image node).

Thanks, i’ll try it now.

EDIT: How do i get AO in cycles?

You can create environment lighting by changing the world material settings. Every material in cycles can work at the same time as a real light source. Actually, I don’t think you have any traditional lights anymore, you got to use objects as light sources (luminance)