Product shots: linked scene <> collection <> render visibility problem

Hi there,
I’m makin product shots, where some simple one-scene / one-light setup stuff is no problem, but
now as things get more in deep - render visibility is kind of fooling me.

I’d like to make things easy for me so I used:

  • “product” = a collection with the product objects (it’s very detailed from CAD with over 5.000 Objects), and nicely setup all the materials
  • a linked copy of the scene, to each individual shots, where I have lights and camera outside of the “product” collection, so I can have different lighting,
    thats great, I have even different environment lighting, so nice

But now I also have some shots where I need to hide a lot of parts of the product,
easy I thought, lets hide them and render, ohh -> there is the render visibility,
ok, lets tick this also and render, nice

BUT the render visibility it switched all over the scenes, now when I render my main product views,
there is also the stuff hidden :cry:

anyone can tell me a proper solution to build up a nice setup to have linked objects/collections
but different render visibility in the scenes, or is my kind of setup so wrong !?

I’m using a script to copy over the viewport visility to render vis. but it’t taking some time, and I can’t be a good solution, as I need to run it, when I switch/rerender my scene:

import bpy

for ob in
    if ob.visible_get() == True:
        ob.hide_render = False

    if ob.visible_get() == False:
        ob.hide_render = True   

twitter was faster :wink: