Product that will help blind individuals

Hey community,
My name is Arthur, I’m studying system’s analysis and development, and as a extension of my course I’m developing a product that will help blind individuals to “see” the computer screen, the idea is a small panel that will represent the computer screen scale in real-time in “in high relief”, my prototype is simple, made by 7x7 pins that will basically represent only the desktop. I’m trying to draw the product and animate it using blender, if you support my idea, have any suggestions or want to help I’ll be very glad!

I can picture what you’re talking about. The animated pin board in the Nine Inch Nails video “Only” video is probably the kind of thing you want. As for how to animate or script something like that is a ways beyond my level. (I’m still fairly new to Blender.)

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Oh… Just thinking 7X7 is a fairly small grid. Instead of having it on a separate screen or device, maybe figure out how to integrate this into a mouse while also not showing the pointer? (Since it would make sense to center at the pointer location.) Seems like that would be the natural haptic way to go about it, and non-blind person could still use it as a regular mouse if needed.