Product Visualisation: BlueFRITZ! USB (Upd. Cover)


I’m currently doing a visualisation of one of my company’s products (as always :D). This is the first time I’m using Blender’s displacement function (for the circuit board you can see below) - and after a bit of tweaking, it works great now. I just took a photo and made a displacement map for the components.

The body of this USB device is made of transparent plastic (white/blue), so you can see the circuit board from the outside.

I will post an update soon but the rendering times eat up my machine ;).



That looks very nice. Quite realistic, which I s’pose is a result of using a photo in that fasion. :slight_smile:

Very nice :smiley:
/me thinks I should do more with disp maps.

Very Cool!
I also will be doing electrical visualizations so I will definitely use that technique. Can you give a little more detail on how you did the disp map?

Thank you!

inkndoodles, these are small versions of the two images I use as colour map / displacement map:

These textures are in the circuit board material. The first one is mapped to [Map To] the colour [Col] and the second one to the displacement [Disp]. The displacement function sees the RGB value of 0.5/0.5/0.5 in your image as ‘sea level’ ;). The brighter pixels are, the more your mesh gets displaced outwards and vice versa.

The quality of the displacement depends on the resolution of your mesh, so I used a simple plane, subdevided it a few times and turned on [SubSurf] (with [Subdiv] set to 1). SubSurf is a good technique to get a high resolution mesh at render time while keeping your mesh simple. I positioned the textures with a simple UV map.

This is a screenshot of the mesh and the material settings I used for the displacement channel:

I think there are many ways to get good results with displacement, this is just my approach :wink: I appreciate any tip and comment.


Cover added :slight_smile:

cool! i want one!

Wow Great modelling.
Nice use of displacement!

how do u do that displacement stuff?

Thank you, guys!

SkeLeToR: No Problem, it will be available next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Grimreaper: I described it above :wink: