Product Visualiser + Graphic Design permanent role


I’m William, from ‘Omlet Ltd’.
We are looking to hire a Product Visualiser / Graphic Designer to produce renderings / animations of
our in-house designed products to be used on our websites. The job is in-house and based near Banbury,UK

We have an increasing number of products that can be configured in various ways. Due to that we have developed configurators:

With a lot of relatively complex products launching this year, that include fabrics as well as hard edges, we need more resource. We are looking for someone with a few years experience that can make a mark in an entrepreneurial e-commerce business of 50 people in the pet sector.

If you’re interested please email me [email protected]

thanks! William.

// Hi, thankyou all for the interest in this role. The position has however now been filled.


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.
Also Sent you mail please check

Hello sir,
I have gone through your job posting and would like to work for you in your project. I have mailed you. Please check your email.

Hi everyone,

thanks for your interest in the role so far, there is so much talent out there!
I will reply to everyone that has emailed me directly.
Also, apologies if it wasn’t clear, but we are looking for someone to work in-house rather than remotely.



I just sent you email with 3-4 sample images. Check and do let me know.


thankyou all forl the interest in this role.
The position has now been filled.