Product Visualization

just a simple product vis, using blender and Luxrender… :slight_smile:

looks really cool. only one thing to mention.
glass is a “natural” product. this means during production you will allways have variations in the structure. this does not mean that you have to give it twists, but these straight lines in the bottleneck will never happen in reality. if you make some loopcuts and move the vertices just a little on the radius, the lightrays will look even more realistic.

Thank you, will give it a try! :slight_smile:

Aside the fact that the whole scene doesn’t describe the product, so it has less sense than a simple white photogrphy studio set, and that this fake wood planks ground that’s horrible in terms of shading…
there are some (IMO) compositing issues.
3 bottles, all the same, in the center, but with different importance weights (vertical position)… that makes the composition weight unbalanced to left.
The horizontal lines of the ground make your eyes seriously slow down or brake their the path to the focus point determined by the position of the 3 bottles.
So in few words you have to make consistent all the elements in a composition, so to make pleasant for your eyes the trip to the focus point.