Production ready trees, bushes, grass, etc. ?

I noticed that Speedtree, UE4, Unity, etc. have entire sets of various foliage sold on their marketplaces. I can’t really find much of such assets for Blender :confused: Am I missing something? Are there any production ready models I can purchase for offline rendering with Cycles ?

Thanks. Now I’d need trees and bushes.

Can be hit-and-miss, but also check out BlendSwap:

That’s unfortunate :confused:

I am guessing BF could make a maketplace for assets - blender artists get paid (or get assets they need for production), BF gets small %% from each transaction. Everyone is happy.

The closest you’re going to get for that is the Blender Cloud. And really, the BF has repeatedly made it a point that it doesn’t want to necessarily get into that kind of business (see also Blender Support business). Ton and folks would much rather members of the community start their own businesses to fill that need.

There’s obviously a need for something like this. Why not build it and put it on the Blender Market? You can even give a percentage of sales proceeds directly to the Blender Dev Fund.

If I had time to build it, I wouldn’t be asking for it :wink:

Someone could definitely start a trend or launch their own marketplace.

What’s wrong with the Blender Market by Blendercookie, does that not fit your definition of what a marketplace should be?

That’s what I was saying - some one could start a trend and sell foliage on Blender Market by BlenderCookie; or launch a new market place (I don’t really care - I just want to have quality assets for real-time/offline applications I can purchase and use).

xfrog sell very good trees, and they always have free samples available in a range of formats; just not Blender specific.


There are some .blend trees also on Turbosquid:

Otherwise Evermotion, not .blend but they have .fbx:

Hey @motorstep, if you’re not in haste you may wait a bit till summer as I’m planning to release first 3D foliage sets for blender though my store at:

Currently I have few grass samples which you can see here: They’re not available for purchase yet as I’m also working on a tutorial covering the basic particle/hair/grass workflow in Blender, but really coming soon with these :slight_smile: