Production Setback - feedback wanted

Hi all,

I’ve just been dealing with an annoying set back. I discovered that the eye sockets of the face were not straight so I had to delete parts of the right side of the face and then copy and mirror them from the correct side of the face. A lot of work as I’m sure you can imagine. Fortunately, the deformation groups and UV texturing remains it tact…I hope.

Here are some renders since the incident. I hope it still looks good after the operation.

With shades

without shades

I’ve also added some extra details to the eyeballs but I’m not yet finished. More detail to come. I’m really trying hard to achieve a good quality, not only in my scenes but also in the characters. I need some hard core crits.




Overall it is very nicely done. The texturing is especially well done. Great work.

The eyes do seem to be too big for the head though. Try making them smaller and I think it will look more natural.


How do you mean. The size of the actuall eye sockets? You’ll have to bare in mind that his eyes are wide open…as open as they can be. Quite naturally they’ll be a lot more relaxed in the later stages of production.

Maybe the eyes need to be smaller along the X axis.

What do you think?

I just think they are too big in size.


Would it be possible to see them in a natural pose?

Great work and all of your stuff, it’s incredible you have an eye for detail.

if you look at a regular person, the eyes really arent that big. there is a large margin between the center thingy (its been a while since i had a science class on eyeballs) and the side of the eye.

SoloCreator, mind telling how you’ve created the texture/material on the glasses? I am currently having troubles with my glasses that I made for my character.


Nice modeling, but the texturing needs a lot of work.

Skin suffers from a “copper zombie” effect.

check this link to see what Im talking about:

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

If the reflection in your glasses doesn’t need to be too accurate, just give it an image texture and use the “Refl” button in the map input section of the materials panel. If they’re perscription glasses, use the ray transparency combined with the IOR and remember to turn the alph all the way down. In order to see the reflection in the glasses, youll have turn on the alpha channel for your texture, then just tweak the colour of your texture until it loks like a reflection.

If they’re shades like what my character is wearing, you should use the old Ztransparency and make sure the alpha channel of the material is quity strong and hard to see through, they are to block out the sun afterall. The colour of your material should also be black then all you have to do is tweak the colour of the texture you’re using for the reflection until it looks realistic. You shouldn’t need to use an alpha channel for the texture in this case as the alpha channel for the material is still quite strong.

If you need any extra help, let me know :wink:

I’ve seen and read this tutorial many times before and it is a good example. But it has been designed for the High end 3D apps such as Maya, 3Ds max, softimage etc…

As far as I know, there’s no way to layer different shaders on top of each other using Blender without duplicating the mesh and tweaking alpha channels…and that can get very messy. If there is a way to use layers of different shaders, please let me know as it would provide great potential. Maybe I missed something but I don’t think material layering is possible in Blender.

Anyway, you did get me playing around with the toon shaders a little and this is the result of it.



Here is my opinion concerning the eyes:

If the intent is an impressive detailed style which shadows reality beautifully, but is both intentionally diferent from reality, and consistent with itself-- you are doing a wonderful job, I’ve been trying to do something like this and failing. :smiley:

If you are going for reality, there are a few things I noticed.

About the eyes. I went ahead and tried opening mine as wide as possible and looking in the mirror, and it seems that by comparison, these eyes are too wide. When mine are wide open they take on a more circular shape.

Anothet thing, I can’t really tell from this angle, but the ears seem a bit farther back on the scull than they should be.

The material settings look as if you have put work into them. This is a matter of opinion, but as a whole the face looks like it is part of a more mechanical world: it is a bit too one color all across, the color doesn’t make his face seem alive.

I suppose that’s all I can think of… nice job on the modle. the detail in the ears, the area around the eyes, the neck, and the side of the cheek and scull is great.

I think the eyes are too wide and the chin is a little sharp.

SoloCreator, thanks for the tips, I’ll try them. One thing though, what’s better, Ray Transparency or ZTransparency? And what’s the difference? Hope I am not taking away your time or anything with these questions, heh

Also, I love your toon-shaded render, I think it’ll look great in anime-like movie.


Hi Blade,

Well the main difference between the two is the way they each deal with light passing through. Ztransparency is good if you just want something that you can see through and has no distortion such as a window, sunglasses etc…

The RayTraced transparency gives you more control over the light but isn’t always necessary. Combined with the IOR function, you can bend the light and produce FX like what you’d get when looking through a magnifiying glass or peering through a glass of water. An extreme example would be as seen in the Predator movies where the predator bends light to achieve a very convincing camouflage.

Only use raytraced transparency when you really need it as it can slow down render times quite considerably.

I’d like to know more about your project if that’s possible.



Regarding my character:

I’ve changed the size of the eyes. I hope it’s okay now. I looked at the ears and they actually are little too far back. I moved them forward but I still think they need some adjustments. Thanks for noticing it Gazellesqe!

Again I really need some feedback. Don’t be afraid to critisize just let it be constructive. I really want this to be perfect.

Due to the changes of the face mesh, I’ll have to re-assign and reposition the UV texture. I’ll take that time to add some more colour to the texture if I can. Perhaps he’s lacking a blue kind of blemish texture but I’m nt sure…

please keep the feedback rolling in