Prof. Monster's lastAdded module


here is a little handy module to perform things at last added object of AddObject actuators.

It seams this year I do not have much fantasy. So I start with one function only:

  • lastAdded.end - ends the last added object (thank to superflip for this idea)

The functions are quite easy to install. Just connect a Python module controller (with the desired function) to one or more AddObject actuators.

There is not match to see - so no screenshot.

Demo usage:

  • <space> to add end the last added object + add a new object

If you have ideas what to do with last added objects please post here!

Prof. Monster


LastAddedDemo.blend (419 KB)

Add planes when you press space bar and when you get to plane five end plane one with edit object actuator and when you add plane six by pressing the space bar end plane 2 and so on and so fourth.