Prof. Monster's "magic" Tutorial: Particle Fire

Hallo Blenderheads,

It’s me again, Prof. Monster.
A new tutorial is on the net. In this lesson you can learn how to manipulate the particle’s emitter to create something that looks like flickering fire. Here you can find it:
It is not that difficult. I hope you enjoy.

Whats next? I think some smoke should follow. See you soon.


sweet looking good!

YAY!!! WOOOOOHH! Thanks!


Thanks for this :slight_smile:

If you want some nice smoke textures, just let me know… I have a few sitting around I think.

you have a nice example here :slight_smile:


thanks for the offer.
But I think I will go with a really simple texture. The problem is that I can’t upload .tga to the wikicities. So I want to have it in a way that everyone can create the texture by themself. This also allows the reader to use a printed version of the tutorial.
As the goal is just learning, it shouldn’t be a problem to use own and hopefully better textures.