Profesional feedback on close to done project (modeling part)

Hello. this is my first project, and im close to done with the model. i have hands, legs and feets left, but i would like to hear some feedback first, and see if you have any suggestions on what i could improve before moving on.

this character will be for an animation, and the character is inspiered from the image in the middle:

so its a fantacy character, and is NOT supposted to have a realtstic look. as you can see the eyes are larger than normal, witch is on purpose.

beside for all this, i would like any feedback; suggestions, critical, positive, negative etc.

prefer profesional feedback so i can improve.


Character_Project.blend (696 KB)

It’s a good start, but, imo, the general shape could use some tweaking. the best way to do this would be to build a lower poly cage around your mesh, and then use the mesh deform modifier to tweak it into place. check out some reference pics and compare them to your mesh. you can set them as a background image in the 3D window from the properties panel, if that helps.