professional animation settings?

i am in the process of creating an intro to a game, i want to go about this in as much of a professional manner as i can. what i need to know is:

  1. what would be good fullscreen and widescreen resolutions to render the final animation at, i am a 1 man team so i need something reasonable (not like hi-def quality).

  2. what fps rate should i render at? (again, reasonable)

  3. anything else i should know? i have never really actually done a full animation before, im on sort of unfamiliar territory.

4)what codec should i render it to?

Just look at Elepahtans Dream for guidelines as to how to render a ‘professional’ animation:

They rendered it at 1920x1080 (highest HD standard) at…I THINK 24 or 30fps. (with motion blur, of course)

They actually rendered the scenes to 10bit per channel EXR image sequence, which contain more color information than a regular 8bit/channel tga or jpg. The movie is later edited and finally converted to movie files using various codecs.

Some efficient codes for PC are: H264(X264), XVid and Divx. However if you are releasing your content to dvd players or the like, you must conform to its standard (ie 1280x720p 24fps MPEG4 or soemthing…)