Professional Animator - Can I call myself that?

My background:
2014 - Installed Blender
2018 - First (and only) paid animation gig, an 8 second video - using Blender
Since 2018 - 36 videos broadcast on YouTube - the last 29 of them were produced on a once-a-month basis.

My topic:
With 7 years experience under my belt, can I consider myself good enough to apply for listed jobs?

So far I’m looking at Indeed, and I am surprised at how many jobs are available.

If they are not using Blender, will my experience still be good enough?

Thanks for your thoughts…


The problem would be: if the customer expect something you can not fullfill your reputation will suffer… Maybe some thing like selftrained generalist is better??

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Concurrency may be students who learn to make a 3D animation after 3,4 or 5 years of study in a school, tutored by professionals to look at most of cases.

Yes, your 3 years of animation as an autodidact has probably some lacuna compared to the most prepared ones.

And if most of your videos are more about optimizing the same process rather than exploring more animation cases and styles, you could be subject to a Downing-Kruger effect.

That does not mean that your knowledge of Blender has no value.
If you sold animations, you are a professional.
If you made animations during 3 years, you are an animator.
It does not mean that your are an experienced one.

Clearly, don’t apply to jobs that are mentioning a software, you have no clue how to use it.

There are tons of 3D youtubers switching to Blender and showing their struggle to use a different keymap, different menus, different names, different tools behaviour…
You don’t have infused science.
You cannot say that you know how to animate in maya, if you never opened maya.
At least, download a demo, give it a serious try to have a clue of how much time you will need, to be as comfortable as in Blender.

Maybe, you can find some jobs offers done by employers, ready to train their workers.
But that is probably very rare. Most of time, they are searching for somebody to save their ass.

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