professional compositing / rotoscoping


on blendernation was few month ago an article about a professional compositing / rotoscoping project. they used a quite expensive camera and motion tracked / rotoscoped the cam movement to the 3d scene.

a hand was touching a tree and parts of the tree became / morphed into the hand.

however i cannot find that anymore. i was searching for it.

anybody knows the link?, on the features videos page …

VERY nice feature show !!!

I saw the same thing before (or a duplicate project), but it was before I knew about Blender.


oh man thank you - i did not think about looking there.

shame on me :wink:


I looked at it about 10 times, frame per frame sometimes, to see closely what he makes … :yes:

hi, artwork was by me and compositing by vfx supervisor Luca Bonavita.
That was currently a wip.
If you want more info feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Would love to see more info.

As I recall it was a government-sponsored film project, yes? Did it ever complete and see daylight? Were you happy with it?

More importantly, did you give the camera back, or did they have to pry it from your hands?


we all would like to see more.
do you have more to show?


the reason why i was looking this up is simpluy because I am collecting professional work as a showcase to show why blender can be used instead of commercial applications. we are going to use blender for product rendering and animation and also
as an addition to NURBS modeling with Rhino.

please feel free to share anything you would like
[email protected]

I do not use my academic email - the systems here at universities most times simply sucks.


sorry for the delay of my answer.
the project is still in development,but all the real footage has already been shot.
we had a stop due to other commercial jobs and also for waiting the new particle system and the still to come render API, both can solve some of the problems we encountered.

currently the only documentation i’m allowed to publish is the already known pdf shown at 2006 blender conference and the node compositor feature video

when we’ll be ready to publish more pictures/videos we’ll be glad to to do it, but don’t expect anything in the next 2-3 months.

btw, the project is an indipendent short movie and has no government sponsor.
the robot camera currently is safely back in the hands of the owner company, but we hope it’ll be available for further projects :wink: