Professional game project looking for talented artists!

Thanks folks, we’ve got enough applicants for now! We’ll let you know if this position re-opens. :slight_smile:

Howdy, folks! I’m here representing Blind Mind Studios and we’re looking for a talented artist to help complete our upcoming game. We’re about one year in production now and we’re finally ready to start pushing art into the game. We’re looking for a serious/realistic style in the models and the game is science fiction in nature.

This is a per-model paid contract and we’re looking for a fair share of models. You’ll be credited for your work and appear in the game’s credits.

Send us examples of your work if you:

  • Are able to follow concept art that’s been split into views (Top/Front/Side) of the expected model.
  • Can produce at least two 200-5000 poly models a month complete with their textures.
  • Enjoy modeling/texturing ships, spaceships, boats, military aircraft (fixed wing and not), armaments, etc.
  • Are looking to attach your work to a professional game project.

I’ll be here to answer any questions y’all might have; please understand that I can’t speak much of the project itself outside of an NDA. Feel free to contact me however you wish; my information is below. We look forward to hearing from you!

E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: firgof
… or just post right here!

Hi I’m interested in your game project and I want to participate, click on the links below to see my work :smiley:

I am potentially interested in your project. I have a question, though. Is there an age restriction?

I suppose not but we do expect professional-level work from any applicant who would gain the job.

Sent you an email.

I can do the job :slight_smile:
Take a look at my PORTFOLIO
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and here my YOUTUBE :wink: