Professional OSS Image Viewer Needing Developers


I started SqCheck, a project consisting in a sequence viewer for animation images. It is created in the tradition of Autodesk FCheck and intends to to follow these goals: simple, fast, professional user oriented (no unneeded features like zooming filtering), cross-platform (supporting at least Unix, Windows and Mac OSX), free (open source license).
SqCheck is written in C++ and depends on FLTK for its GUI, OpenGL for rendering and FreeImagePlus for image support (import/export).
For now, the basic features are implemented. It supports all the image formats of FreeImage plus Maya IFF.

People needed:

  • Code curators - having a good c++ programming and compiling knowledge; the new features are usually added quickly to see the results as soon as possible, so the code lacks correctness (structure, good memory management, modularity, documentation)
  • Developers - general C++ and OpenGL knowledge required - to develop in general, to add new features, etc.
  • Platform maintainers - it should compile on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and others as well.
  • Documentation maintainers.
  • Testers.

For now SqCheck is working on Linux, just cd in its directory and type “make” (FLTK, FreeImagePlus and OpenGL development packages are required). You can download its SVN trunk from:
You may contact me at mihai_militaru at

Personally I cant help with development, increasing C/C++ knowledge is still on my to do list.

But it’s always useful to have screenshots about when trying to attract users and developers. Currently usage is a lot like the playback window in blender, but you can also view the different channels of the image which is nice.

Good luck with the project. :eyebrowlift: