Professional use of Blender features

This is a topic for examples of professional use of the Blender features.
For example: fur > Big Buck Bunny

A testing of a feature is not professional use of a feature! For example a ball with fur in an empty environment is not professional use of the fur. I think no need to detail why.

Edit: so please write links to videos/images, homepages of projects.

Eaton Corporation - via marketing agency… illustrations produced to support flash presentations.

Open Wonderland - Blender used to create low-poly avatars and other in-world objects such as audio recorder, microphone, demo buildings. Project created by Sun Microsystems. Open Wonderland is now managed by Open Wonderland Foundation since Oracle’s takeover of Sun.

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers - Event animation; event exhibit viz.

Unnatural Rubber - Intro and top edge of site animations

Historic recreation - Fort Necessity

CalU - Segment for animated intro.

Food Science - Med viz style short segments.

Industrial process viz - this one was epic-like in that the amount of work needed on short schedule. Modeling done by another artist in XSI. Compositing done in Shake since, at the time, I was not as comfortable in Blender’s compositor (thought it certainly could have done the job. Particle effects done by another artist using that 2d particle app, I can’t remember the name atm.

The biggest hangup comes when you need to share data with other apps. Also use other apps such as Gimp, Inkscape, Voodoo etc.

Aren’t you going to list your stuff endi?

Used it to create an illustration of BP oil spill solution:
Used Blender to create clipart-like images for Typology intro animation (about a minute into video):
Used w/FinalCutPro to animate promo video:
Used for animations in mixtape promo vid:
Logo Animations for a couple companies:

Then of course my own work:

I use Blender professionally for lowpoly modelling for realtime engine creation for instructional purpose/training.

I also used Blender for some advertisement renderings.

However, i did not put them for public viewing.

One of my favorites:

If you want professional features used by professionals, look to a professional software package, like 3dmax… :evilgrin:

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You can use whatever to do something professional

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Fracture + all else Blender:

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most of the 3d stuff we do here at Midstraeti is made in Blender

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Ok, I’ll play…

I have used blender as my primary tool for a variety of AAA video games projects for EA and SONY over the last four years… I am contractually obliged to not discuss them. I’ve also used blender with some smaller clients that are less well known on some unannounced titles

Main use areas were level design, production of game environments, previsualisation, pitch renders and animations.

In so doing I’ve used pretty much every area of blender for one thing or another… modelling rendering, compositing, sculpting, animating, particle FX, texturing and UV-ing, nodal materials, sequence editing, baking…

client tool-chains required Fbx–> maya for final output most of the time… (or in some cases OBJ) and I needed to do a bit of custom scripting in both maya and blender to get a decent workflow in most cases…

I’m often seen as a bit of an oddity, but most colleages are genuinely interested in blender.

despite having to export/import to maya I have been able to stay competitive and been as productive (or more-so) than those doing similar tasks in Maya on the teams I’ve worked with.

Im using Blender for >press images, pack shots and so on.

To me it is a professional tool as long as I get paid using it :).

Blender was used to make animations and renders of mp3 players for SanDisk’s internal training videos. I also rendered a few products when they just came out for our intranet page. Examples are in my portfolio page in the sig.

this brazilian guy has some impressive work made with Blender, yafaray, Linux and company, for companies such as Fiat motors, Honda and Varig Airlines:

He got interviewed by Allan Britto, another respected and well-known professional dealing with Blender:

Guess freelancers get a better chance at using Blender than professionals working in teams, where used tools are usually set by the guy paying you.

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I did these a year or so back when I worked at this machine shop. They were used to demonstrate some machine concepts to potential customers.

PS I know they suck. The guy I worked for never gave me any notice or time to work on things so everything was always done in a rush and not to my satisfaction.