Professor Animation


Here’s a little project I’m working on.
It’s going to be a little animation in the old 1950’-style.
Let me know what you think.

Looking good. I like the old-style film look.

Good job, I really like the hands but the face is a bit too cartoony for me.

i smiled! do you ever watch these? (Professor Poliakoff )

are there too many elements on the table? :smiley: i think in the '50s they do not have found all elements :wink:
style fits well, please change the glass material, use the wardslo shader and turn “slope” to 0.05!

Thanks everyone!

I had never heard of professor poliakoff before, he looks just like him! :smiley:

The periodic table will be replaced. I just used it to get a sense of the look & feel in the scene. Thanks for the shader tip!

I just saw I posted the wrong render (second picture), he’s wearing 2 glasses… :smiley: