Professor Haydeldurg's Zombierator project gone wrong

Professor Haydeldurg was a world-renowned biohacking expert. He was experimenting with ethically modified alligator stem cells injected into the human body. He was hoping that he could gain animal super powers by doing such cutting edge experiments. He named his pet project “Zombierator” to be playful.

(Blender, Cycles)


Damn ! If only he called the project Moneyrator in the first place …

Really well done ! Could be great to see a bit more of the scene and each asset’s details, you did a lot of things here !

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I did a lot of asset sculpting, modifications, texturing, layout and dressing etc. I also rendered multiple “view layers” (or passes as known in other DCCs) with multiple AOVs to have more control over the fg, bg and the characters.

I implemented some procedural methods within the node graphs ( like geonodes, shader nodes, comp nodes) for the env (plant/tree distributions), blood splatters, secondary/tertiary details etc.


Amazing !! I find always super inspiring to see a bit of under the hood stuff of a great artwork !
Thanks !

Amazing! I really liked the story telling of your scene and the light!

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Thanks. My main goal was to test some additional pipeline ideas while keeping the design playful and have it relatively goofy. I wanted to make the background characters to have cliché, stereotyped toxic zombies look.


Render layers

Here is the comp nodes. I added slight color corrections on each render layer during merges to accentuate different values. The raw render is not far from the final image, but splitting things up gives greater control.

Particle based Bat system


That’s really cool !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks Bart. It is always a joy to be in that list.