Proffesional movie being made with blender - Logo WIP

(LohnS) #1

well i have assembled a 17 person crew of experience blender users and we have decided to make a proffesional movie mostly with Blender.

We are just starting on production after a few months of concepting and plot dicussing, scripting etc. We’re hoping to get it done around the end of 2003, so this is going to be a big thing. The movie itself may go for about an hour to an hour and a half by a guess, and will hopefully show what Blender is capable of.

heres the first thing i have started on, the logo which will show at the start of the movie. Our company is made mostly from people form the blender site BlenderWars and a few others, so Fellowship of Blenderwars was thought up. I have managed to get this good enough to put on show, but there is a lot of work yet to be done, things to be fixed etc…

things yet to be improved/fixed…

-Glitchy Camera moments
-More sounds
-Move title over a bit (the full name one that emits on the metal is placed wrong)
-Add lights with lense flare on hallway ceiling
-Smoke emits from melting metal
-better explotion at the end (just made screen white at the moment)
-Better lasers (will use static particles)

-and some other small fixes like better spark particles etc.

if you find anything else that is wrong post in, i really want this to look good.

ok heres the link, animation goes for about 40 seconds and is about 3 meg (veiwed in full screen doesn’t look too bad either =D )

(schock) #2

Hey your logo is a compilation of Barts tutorials. This type of project has been talked of before. Those plans must have died. Good luck, hope you have grasped the amount of work it takes to make a feature film. Pixar spends at least three years on thier films. Shrek and Final fantasy took more like five years to be completed. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. A really good two minute short posted on Ifilm or pocketmovies can get just as much attention for blender.

(LohnS) #3

yeah don’t worry i have full grasp on the work its gonna take, but this is my, and all the other in my team’s dream to do something like this (mine since i was about 9 =P). It’s a great hobby, and is very rewarding. It can be a great show peice if one of us wanted to go for a job in the feild, and is just a great thing to experience.

We are starting on models for the first scene too, so when we have gotten that done i’ll be sure to give you guys a sneak peak.

Also one more thing, an invitation, we have a few vacencies for any1 who would like to help, be it 1 model or many, you be a great help and you will get credit. And i will not be rushing you or anything liike that (being the nice boss i am =D), were just a bunch of blender ppl who love blendering.

(Goofster) #4

looks great. very cool that this animation is all made up of tutorials and still looks amazing.
just one thing, The background of the letters is blue, why? whats behind it? Black would be more appropriate I think

Keep it up


ps. do you have a site up already? for showing progress?

(LohnS) #5

thanx for the commetns =D, well the reason behind the blue was when i started the laser was pretty much indenting it with a blue tint, but after tweaking it slowly changed but the blue stayed. I will definately try out black or just an intent and see how it goes, thanx.

As for the web page, due to me being in Australia and the other 17 ppl being in USA =P, we have a crew site for uploading model files and concepts etc, and a forum where we do a lot of discussing. this is a great Blender/fan film forum aswell (
we are in the making of a public web site, but all of us have been very busy and our main web dude hasn’t been able to do it yet, but should soon.

(stephen2002) #6

the blue behind the logo looks fine, I saw nothing wrong with it.

The music is WAY too loud. It sounded like it had been amplifyed with another program, or it was recoded at too loud of a volume.

Also, I think that the camera hovers over the logo a little bit too long. With the speed of the motion, it also might help to render with motion Blur.

(LohnS) #7

yeah that was a quick render as i didn’t have much time, 50% 800/600 with no OSA, so a bit low quality. I also am new to sound compisitioning, mind you this is a very much WIP and will be improved on the final product.

spent a few hours on it 2night, looking good so far =D

(Kid Tripod) #8

If you get serious with the sound issue there’s no substitute for good compression and EQ (im talking dynamic range compression not data). otherwise you just won’t be able to get the sound levels you want without distortion. Working in a digital environment doesn’t change these unfortunate inevitabilities of audio engineering. You’re gonna need something that can take VST plugins and some plugins to use. I’d also strongly recommend
that man’s a genius, probably good for making sound effects too.

(LohnS) #9

cool this guy lives in the next state from me =P. great stuff, thanx man.

(bmax) #10


hey, y’all!

NEO: why the hell are u rendering the movie in blender? Wont the photo-realism be @ level ZERO? IMO, you should use some external renderer that supports animations (does lightflow? or virtualight?). Anyway, I wish you guys the best of luck… it’s been my dream to make a film since i was a little kid too… [sigh], especially since i got Bryce when i was, what, 10?


(0ptikz) #11

I have two words for you “Liubomir Kovatchev” Man, I am sick of people bad mouthing Blenders abilities because of their own lack of artist inspiration…

…And who necessarily needs a film to be photorealistic anyway?

(macke) #12

Those that doesn’t want it to look like a cartoon?

(Eric) #13

you should use some external renderer that supports animations (does lightflow? or virtualight?).

hah!, try render a movie with a raytracer without a renderfarm. You’d better start now.

Eric - Sweden

(LohnS) #14

ok let me explain a bit more about it so relieve some tension going on in this thread.

ok first i don’t want it photo real, thats not my aim for 2 reasons. 1. From a young age i have always had some great liking to a good looking, but non-realistic (to an extent) 3d movie, series or animation (just something that makes it look cool). 2. because it will be easier to try and give a nice CG look then try for a photo-real that just doesn’t look right, too much effort for a movie this big.

Blender is a very powerful program for under 4 meg, and after trying out 3d MAX i definately prefer Blender for its easy navigation around the 3d world plus many other things. I think that we can do all we need to with Blender, and maybe with some help of other programs if needed. I belive that Blender can give a very great deal for the artist, giving more freedom then many other 3d programs IMO.

oh and thanx to every1 for their comments on the logo, i have put them to work and its looking great =D

(LohnS) #15


ok i have done some more work on the sound and animation, heres the stuff i did today that i can think of…

-Explotions are added (i dunno, i think this logo animation tells a little story and you as the veiwer can persieve what you think is happenening)

-Added effect’s: FoB sign emits after a while b4 explotion, improved and tweaked textures.

-Lots more sounds, did a lot on the sounds while waiting for render to finish. i have balanced it out more too, also i have changed some pan settings and the sound is not STEREO =D. woohoo. (when you see it notice those 2 explotions on the way up the hallway, the first is on the left speaker, the second on the right =D)

still uploading so i’ll post when its finished, this one is much better quality as i had more time to render, and it fairly good quality full screen too.

about 7 meg…

(LohnS) #16

upload finished. d/l at will =D

(LohnS) #17

sry ppl i left out a bit in the url, all fixed now

(Nayman) #18


i like the spiderman music!

(Andy Goralczyk) #19

good luck with your project…
how many blender movies are currently in production [3 or 4???], is there a blender movie contest?


(Pablosbrain) #20

I have to say… good luck!
I am also working with several others on an animated short. We spent most of our time so far on just the story. Almost 8 months! We are just finishing story boards and will be making a media kit to give to several individuals that will possibly be composing/performing the score. In the coming weeks we’ll be starting on production… modeling/texturing and then animation tests… and on and on and on… it’s looking like its gonna be about 3 minutes long, give or take a few seconds.
Story is Key!
Only now… almost a full year after we’ve started am I and others in my group finally beginning to be happy with the story. We are also looking at completeing this animation by this fall sometime. No specific dates yet until we set the production schedule… but a full length animation… in under a year… thats a very very very tight schedule. Anyways… our short will be using Blender… or at least those are our plans at the moment… depending on several circumstances we may end up moving off of blender to another soft, but that is a last resort. So…
Good Luck!!!
Story boards for our short can be seen at