proffesionals on blender

Blender is very painful, specially if you’ve using other animation software before. Stuffs like real time real time texture preview on blender seem too limited and I’m using this facility a lot specially on architectural projects, to test the tiling density, UV placement, etc. Other facilities are quite primitive aswell compared to other animation softwares.

I can see many of you already using blender as your main software for commercial projects. How do you really work and survive with blender on commercial projects? your general workflow on architectural projects or other projects? Specially if any of you who uses other software (commercial) before?

please search before posting something like this, this is like the third time anyone has done one of these, and the truth is that not many people use blender for pay.

so I understand that people still using commercial products along with blender. But one thing I have faith in blender. My boss even let me try using blender in my office for non tight schedule, even they already provides softwares such as maya. Sounds crazy huh? But this opportunity is too worthy to lose. Believe me this isn’t just about bling bling amount of bucks I can get from blender, I already got max in my hand myself. I want to experience blender to its fullest.

I’m not just asking how many uses blender for big projects here, but how they do it generally in the term of workflow. If there’s really zip, none of you who crazy enough to do that well I’ll try it anyway.