Proffessor Henry Higgins

Finally finished my Henry Higgins model for the Pymallion project over at CGTalk. Eventually I should get a rigged version back and will make a more finished looking character sheet, but until then I made up this quick one.

Proffessor Henry Higgins

That looks great. What method did you use for the hair?

Looks good but I think his shading could use some work. He could use some texture on his face. The skin shading could use more work. The lips are just bulging out. Doesnt look like lips that much. Try to shape them a little.

Do you have a concept sketch?
The face is kinda bothering me. Its round and thin in the same time. You forgot a very important thing. His eyebrows.
How about sideburns? He looks from that time when they had huge sideburns.

Alright that was the crit I had. The model is great but I think he could be much better with those “small” adjustments I mentioned.

What is he supposed to be for a character? A evil person, a good…?

Good lord your right, no eyebrows. I don’t know what it is about them but I always seem to forget eyebrows. I agree with the fact that the skin shading is too simple, I would have liked to UV map the entire model but I was on a deadline so I had to go with what I could. As for the look of the character overall it is based on concept drawings not made by me, though I took a liberty here and there I mostly stuck with what was given to me. As to what kind of character he is, he is a chauvanistic (he sings a song entitled “Why Can’t a Woman be More Like a Man”) proffessor of linguistics, not really good or evil. In the scene that this model was made for he is attending a society ball, where he is very out of place and uncomfortable.

For the hair I used the new paricle features in 2.40 which include the incredibly usefull curve guides. There are a few features that I would like to see added in the future, but it is a great start.

wow, pretty cool, love the style :wink:
very good work. Now the animation :slight_smile:

Luckily that rigging and animation are not being done by me (having absolutely no experience in those fields as of yet I would not want to have to finish a presentable product in a months time). But when the animation is availible to me I could post it for all to see.