Profile appeared separate from the curve object,?

Hi Im a noob i am coming over from sketchup , here it goes , when I made the bevel for the first window frame the bevel appeared separate from the curve object, how do I make it so that the bevel surround my curve so i can edit it but it only selects vertices . Do I have to group them ,when i click extruded profile i can not select parts.Bevel appeares separated from curve

Without more info, I’d say check the position of the cruve or mesh from their origin points. You could post an example file if you don’t find by yourself.

Hi thanks i will try, i was following this tutorial on the web just for learner i did some introduction vids on blender prior to trying this , youtube house tut it starts around 7:14 into video.

Hi thanks for reply but i figured out what i did wrong , i duplicated the curve while in edit mode thus 2 objects were joined i was supposed to duplicate them in object mode , im just a nube lol, blender is so much better than sketchup , but as for architecture sketchup is a little easier but material editor sucks. thanks again for reply im sure i will be back with more questions as my blender journey continues…