Profile rank question

how do you get higher in your rank thing here? …i’m a newbie, but I’ve been using blender for quite a while now.

higher rank thing?

iirc the members list is by default sorted by join date, or by alphabetical nick (I forget), but I know of no ranking

oh yeah, if you mean the forum monkey thing (what am I ? guru?) it is based on post count

Although there may be a relation between the ranking and the skills, there are some odd exceptions to this rule, so don’t worry about your ranking. :wink:

I’m sorry, I wasn’t bragging or being arrogant, I just find it a bit annoying. Thanks.

LOL the more you post the higher your rank.

i for example have been here for years and can’t blend for crap (hmmm well ok i can sometimes LOL)


people get really pissed off with people over posting. for example there was once a guy called cubefan who got his arse banned for posting BS.

there was also a guy called Desoto who joined here and posted 600 posts in the space of 2-3 days.

over years your rank will go up.


Well the ranking is based on your Forum posting basis, not your Blender skill level.

Some of the more talented BlenderHeads actually have a fairly low Forum ranking, because they’re busy blending instead of hanging out here I guess.

At one point even Ton was a Forum newbie :wink:
Until someone recognized the situation and gave him an honorary title. :slight_smile:

Besides you’re already up to a regular, I think at 100 posts you enter guru-dom. It’s best not to post garbage to increase your “title”, it ticks people off. Just like your Blender work, it’s best to post quality not quantity.

I’ve posted a ton of crud… and I’ve never been blocked…
so see? u can sneak through the system! LMAO

gr8hamster. considering you are on mearly 190 somthing posts. and have been around for years, i wouldn’t consider that a lot of crud.

its hardly posting 5 stupid threads per day with titles such as “i hate my brother” (yeah the poor boy hated his brother and we stoped caring ha ha ha)