Hi All,

Is there any sort of way to profile logic? The logic in my game is going up to 20 percent and I want to find out what particular script is causing this.


P.S. Does anybody know what contributes to the Overhead, mine is reaching 70 percent and I need to sort that out too.

to profile your scripts you should run them one by one and then rea the code to find bottlenecks

the overhead is caused by external programs, the game engine itself, your system and the the position of Mars. XD

One tip: you should never use always sensor with “0” pulse mode. You must set all 0 pulse mode sensor to other numbers.
But the result depends from the script…it’s complicated matter.

just try to find bottlenecks, sometimes you will have to split a script and run the parts at different rates as haidme said

Thanks, I will try that.