[PROFIT SHARE] 3D Platformer Game. Looking for Animators/Modellers.

Hello all!

My name is Nathan Jenkins, I’m the Creative Director of a project called ChronoTails.
We’re looking for animators and modellers to join our team to help build the game, offering credit,
profit share and a potential permanent place within our team for future projects.
About the Project

ChronoTails is a Sci-Fi 3D Puzzle Platformer that also falls into the category of “collecta-thon.” We really want to channel the games we played when we were younger such as Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It will feature anthropomorphic animals as characters.

Jake (A wolf) is an aspiring inventor whom works under Professor Dunkin (A rabbit) as they polish their ground-breaking invention, a portable time machine. Dunkin’s rival, Dr. Gurgle, finds out and, through a fit of envious rage, steals their device and travels back to make himself ruler over several time periods. Jake and Dunkin, being close to the machine, are unaffected by the resulting paradox and, seeing their town warped into a twisted, mutated place, dust off their first initial attempt at time travel so that Jake can travel back and stop Gurgle.

Jake must collect energy nodes known colloquially as “Sparks” in order to power the numerous stationary portals that Dunkin has placed over Sunshine Falls (Their home town, which has become warped and twisted, now known as Paradox Falls.) as well as Scrap Metal to invent new gadgets to assist him in his adventure.

Along the way, Jake discovers a shaman known as Macabre, whom has ancient powers that he’s willing to part with for a price. Macabre experiences reincarnation, meaning he is able to be present in several time periods (worlds) to assist Jake.

The game will feature 10 open world levels which are themed around a certain time period (Jurassic, Egyptian, Ice Age, Aztec, ect…)

The game is considered Feature Length, meaning we’ve planned the next year and half to the project.

What we’re looking for.

Character Modellers/Animators: We’re after people who can model and animate our various characters using designs made by our team. This includes main characters, enemies and bosses. What we’re looking for is cartoony looking designs that do not need to feature huge facial animations, as we’ll be going with warbles and subtitles for dialogue.
Examples of your work are greatly appreciated!

Level Modellers/Animators: We’re also after people who can model and animate our worlds. Using designs made by our team. This includes modelling the layout, the various objects and buildings, as well as the collectables themselves.

A little bit about us.

We’re a new team working through correspondance through Skype, Dropbox and email. We have been working on this project for nearly two months, although most of that was generating concepts and basic designing. We’re using Unity to put our game together, with a team of six at this point in time.

I’ve sunken a small amount of my own money into this (mostly software) so I would really like to see it come to fruition. We’re hoping to put the project on Kickstarter so that we can also port the game to Wii U as well as add a bunch of extra features.

How to apply

Shoot us an email at [email protected]
with what you’re applying for and any appropriate examples.

We correspond through Dropbox, Skype and email, so once you’ve been
approved you’ll be added to our Dropbox, Skype group and we’ll email the entire team
every two weeks to check on progression. (We communicate more often, though.)

What you get out of it.

You, as part of our team, will receive a percentage of the funds we accrue from this project, you will receive your name in our credits under “3D Artists”, and we’ll allow you to show certain images in your personal portfolio (Please check with us first before you do so, however.)on top of that, you’ll be offered a permanent place on our team for future projects which may include sequels to this game.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Nathan Jenkins.

I am interested and I hope to help my best to oldest
her my works https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isshak-souaci/361566937343656

Question. Wouldn’t the name conflict with Chrono Tales, a 3D MMO-Browser game?

Hi RodDavis,

If the game were similar in gameplay as well as the name, then yes, we would definitely have some copyright confliction.
Since the only similarity between the two is the name, and that it is just that, a similarity, means we will find no confliction.

i dont have a huge experience with working with character models, but i am willing to give it a try if you are interested
here is a project im currently working on, all of the pictures showcase my models.

if you are interested, please send me some concept work for me to try out at my email:
[email protected]