Profit share. Looking for a modeler for a RPG platformer.

The story is that a farmer is sucked into a different world during every day work unarmed. He has to fight against mechanical plants and robots at start to gain experience. The world at start would mostly be mechanical combined with nature. The game would have all kinds of enemies and levels later on. I’m really not expecting any limits as to what can be encountered later on. As the farmer gets stronger he learns to use energy. He can create equipment out of energy and do all kinds of energy attacks. So far i have unarmed and kunai fighting styles. I’d like to add all kinds of weapons eventually (sword, axe, scythe, bow, katana and so on).

The gameplay will be similar to Path of Exile meets MapleStory. It will have combat. It will have jump quests. It will have the end game map system from Path of Exile but it’s available from start. The map system will be the main way to progress in the game. There will be all kinds of maps that will lead you to different levels. Some are jump quests, some are really long areas and some are combat areas. The maps are earned randomly after waiting out the level timer. You can gain experience while waiting for the level timer. More difficult and rarer maps offer greater rewards. There will also be an upgrade system. There will be lots of upgrades that allow for different playstyles. You earn a new possible upgrade you can pick every x levels. You can reroll and unlearn upgrades.

Looking for someone truly interested in this game who would want to finish it. I’d expect you to play it and also offer feedback. We’d work on Skype. I’m hoping for someone who has a decent amount of free time. All the graphics are made with Blender, so i can guide you through exporting to Blender, if you don’t have any experience. You might have to do a few things differently than you’re used to. PM me if interested.

The basics are shown in the video. I’m mostly expecting to polish this. The basics will mostly remain the same. I’d expect you to make every graphic in the game look better. There should be many times more diversity eventually.