[Profit share] Looking for a team of artists for a game project

Looking for a 3D / 2D artists and level designers (3d lowpoly generalists are welcome) to complete a team for an unannounced game project.

Paid by profit share (whole team gets significant share).

Kot-in-Action is looking to expand portfolio of games and is putting together a satellite team to produce a new unannounced game. Programmers are already on board, so we need artists. Preferably US/Canada/Latin America based, with ability to use PayPal (specifically to be able to withdraw cash from their PayPal account).

The production is aimed to be 6 month long with consequent release on Steam. Windows/Mac/Linux platforms, powered by open source engine Darkplaces.

Kot-in-Action’s role in this project more of a managerial / publishing as we already working on Steel Storm 2.

Specifically looking for people skilled in creating characters, texturing them and animating them; and environmental artists (props, landscape, architecture, items).

Aspiring beginners are welcome to help out pro-bono, working on world clutter models.

The game is top-down action adventure, fast and gory with direct control of the character, with some tactical elements, unlimited inventory and minimal use of micromanagement/RPG elements.

NOTE: No sculpting / normal maps baking required for this project.


Paid by profit share (whole team gets significant share).

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So, no Blender artist want to join?

well, I might be intrested in this, but then you might need to tell me abit more about the game you are going to make.

I am interested, but not sure how much time I’ll have; but certainly looks interesting; characters aren’t my skill type, I’m more what you’d called into hard-surface;

Hello, I’m writting in responce to your post about gathering the team of artists. I’m a 3D artist, with huge knowlege in CG modeling, less experience (but still a lot) with low poly modeling. I model especialy interiors, outdoor scenes, and other hard surface items. I have some experience in character modeling but it is not my the best area. My main style is realistic style. I’m familiar with different bake modes. (normals,ao etc.)

I’m from UK with ability of using paypal.

Added basic description about the game to the first post (at the end of it). The in-depth details will come after NDA is signed with selected candidates. If you have particular question about the game, please post it and if I don’t think it requires NDA, I’ll answer it.

Someone was pm’ing me, but my Inbox was full, and I never gotten your pm. Sorry about that. I cleaned it up, please re-send your pm.

@Writer’s Block, irokrhus: Do you have any examples of low poly models for real-time rendering by any chance? (up to ~10k polygons for architectural / vehicle items; key elements can have 10k-20k polygons, average props shouldn’t exceed 5k polycount; small props shouldn’t exceed 1k)

I don’t sorry.

Never made any.

If you want, ask me to design something; I’m happy if you pm 'em and I can accept it as an NDA item.

Sounds interesting, id like to join, i don’t mind much about pay but i cant project all my time towards it as i also have other projects that also need doing, i could deffinitly do environment design and architecture aswell as texturing, here is my portfolio if you want to see what i can do best www.ionee.org

Based on your post I’m not sure any 3D artists would participate regardless of modeling software. Better to ask for 3D artists in general rather then just Blender artists.

Oh, and why is that?

A blender artist could cover a range of features in blender, what your actually looking for is a 3D modeler or artist

Well, I don’t think that’s where BNG was aiming at with this: “Based on your post I’m not sure any 3D artists would participate regardless of modeling software.”

Either way, I’d much rather have 3D artist who uses Blender over other 3D apps.

I sent you a pm.

I sent you a pm, hope for a positive reply:)

i will join you :slight_smile: