[profit share] Outrance Studios is looking for talented artists to join team

My name is Brenden and I am looking for a dev to develop a fps like game. Details on the game are not specified currently, but expect the future of fps gameplay coming soon. The team will use Skype to chat and collaborate, with a well organized project. The open spots on the team are listed below and only join if you are serious about making a future title.
Open Positions:

Level Designer:1/2
C# Programmer: 4/6
*2D Artist: 0/2
*3D Artist: 1/4
Concept Artist: 1/2
Sound Engineer: 1/2
Storyboard Writers: 1/2

*high priority position to be filled

You may apply for one of these positions by emailing me at [email protected] the following syntax in your inquire.

Experience(if any):

I plan to sell this game and share profits with all the developers that contributed.

Brenden LaVelle
Project Manager