Profiting from Blender? Can you?

Hey guys, I was just wondering a couple things about blender, more specifically about the licencing, can you do things like sell your models? Or make games and sell your games?
Not only that but this is something I’m really wondering about, a Local company could use some 3D build outs for the real houses they are building, and the customer would like to see what it would look like, so is it LEGAL for me to use blender and get PAID for building these 3D builds for their clients?

Thanks in advance, I could really use this question answered sooner than later.

Take a look here:

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Its ok I found out

Can I use Blender commercially?

Yes you can. Any creation you make as an artist with Blender is your sole property, and can be applied for any purpose you choose to. This also applies the Python scripts you write with Blender.

If you like to distribute Blender itself, you have to be aware of the GPL rules, which basically means you have to make sources for Blender available as well. However, in general it’s sufficient to provide information that forwards to

More information about the way how the license works can be found here, also with information about game files, game players and Python scripts.

Im starting to love blender more and more xD

I am work in gamedev ~9 years.
in 70% I use Blender (modeling, level editing, rendering)

I use Blender for 100% of my arch. viz projects, in some form or another. I’ve been living quite well off that for the past couple of years. Sounds like that’s what you’re getting into (Visualizing houses before they’re built? Check.) so good luck!

just look to your right, 3rd picture. Here’s the thread: