Program but no disk

i have a program but i want to move it to my other pc…but i mightve lost the disk. is there anyway to take a program that is allready a “C/program files” app?

you most likely can’t… what’s the name of the program?

Well yes, actually you can. A problem being was it installed by an installer? If so, you will have to duplicate (exactly) any entries into the registry( EDIT and any other files that may even be hiiden elswhere) . This is not impossible, but may take up quite a bit of your time. Check outsysinternals for applications that may help you to do this. If it is just a stand alone .exe, no problem, just copy it. If it is a copy protected application, you may have to really dig to find the solution, and you probably won’t if the programmer was worth his salt.

Good luck

well it honestly isnt that hard and i have found that most programs work fine without the registry entries. Ive got about 70 gigs worth or programs that have went through 3 windows installs and have almost no registry entries but they all work fine

You make me laugh! Here, give me 4 licenses fromthese folks…I lost about $4K of software because of protection. (Just on this PC, my other one is intact.) Between the two of these boxes I suppose it was sort of like a $10k investment. Do you not suppose that I have had tried to recover these things? I have the programs, but they will not function without authentication. I am now limited to one PC to do all of the work. Believe me, I have tried for months to get things "back to normal’. It was quite a network at one time, then a crash took out one of them. No, I don’t have the original encoding disks for the encryption, and no, at the moment I can not cough up another $4K. I am not talking about video games here, it is fairly serious stuff.So, I guess that I can say, it really is that hard. Try it, I dare ya! :smiley:

well it sounds like its shitty to be you, but the average computer user isnt going to have some outrageously expensive program on there computer that comes with some sort of overly bloated security, but hey it looks like the DRM that company uses is doing just what its supposed to, keeping honest users from doing what there legally entitled to do. Oh and another thing, i know this is going to sound outrageuos, but have you tried contacting the company and explaining your predicimant. I never claimed that it was going to work on all programs, common sense dictates that it wont work on some programs.

Nah, it is not shitty being me. The software was a gift anyway. It is just that it was really fun using it on a network. I kind of miss that. Actually, I am thinking about wiping my other box and turning it totally into linux. Hmmm, there goes another $4K… . I dunno, I suppose time will tell.

uhm…guys im still damn confused! the program was 3Ds Max 8. now can u understand how bad it is to loose the disk!!! so can i please in PLAIN ENGLISH get a definition of how to do it?

@DanielSDZ: why don’t you just try it out and see if it works… it’s easier and you’ll get a faster and clearer response than waiting for vague answers from people here… no one can tell you for sure…
i doubt 3dsmax would work though as it needs a LOT of libraries and registry entries…
best thing to do is contact Autodesk and tell them about your problem (in case it’s legit)

yeah, i cant do that! its KINDA copied so contacting autodesk…lol…

well if its kinda copied just kinda download another copy from bit torrent

Hmmm, I think I could’ve predicted this outcome from the first post…

@Daniel: :no:

Wowsers - caught with the hand in the cookie jar . …

I would get an even newer version but i live in south africa and here internet caps are still very common. I got a 3 gig cap. imagine downloading 1 sixth of that before half the month is done…

Hey, cmon. I wanted the program and im not whipping out 3K…hell no!

Hey man, you think I don’t know how much it costs? I’m just saying, stealing is a no no, and illegal downloads are severely looked down upon around here… I’m sure a coder will be along shortly to tell you why.

Oh damn…that will then be like the second time i get warned for illegal activites. Ah i hope i don get banned this time…blendernation just creeps me out…i don wanna leave blenderartists!! :’(