program help

not usre where else to post this … but when i try to render my first truck ever, blender has a “end program” box, with the “send” and “dont send” buttons. I am getting angre!! arg

you’re in windows right? are you using blender internal or yafray? if yafray, make sure you have yafray installed… hope i’m helping

i have windows XP, and both render tpyes have the same effect. i hate it, because this is my first car that turned out looking more than a blob of grey stuff!! lol

heres the .blend file

I tried to render it with BI and it crashed after a while. I was looking at Process Explorer and it crashed when the memory consumption reached almost 1.5 GB of virtual memory and around 800 MB of RAM (I have 1GB in my system). Maybe the scene is too complicated? I don’t know… :no:

Edit: I think I found the problem. You have Subsurf level 6 on everything - that’s why it’s eating so much memory. Try to decrease the Subsurf levels until it renders correctly.

ur problem is deffintly not in the subsurf i have a high power computer and i brouht down the subserf level to 3 and it still almost crashed my computer and didnt render!

i dont know what your problem is but its badddddd
i tried to run a preview and it crashed mabey one of your matiriales is to sofisticated

Did you lower the Subsurf level on all objects? It renders fine on my computer (which is far from being high-end) with level 3.

ok, i will try that. the wheels are on 6, right? i don’t remember putting it in six though …

Yes, the bodywork and wheels are on 6 and the “axes” are on 5.

ok, thanks dude, it worked!! I am going to make a thread on this truck later

thanks again

Wow, subsurf 6? The dial goes that high? I think I might have used sub 5 once on something that had like a whole 30 polys once, but …

the sub surf wasn’t six, the render level was.