I would like to put together a team for 3rd person rts with on foot and vehicle based combat, I have sketches and a theme, and story, I am looking for individuals to help with -Game input, bge to android porting, uv texturing,low poly humaniod modeling.

I have one vehicle working, I would like to have at least 8
I would also like some help turning sketches into high detail low poly maps or even terrain generation algorythms.

I would like to maintain some artistic control but love well thought out ideas

I need energy weapons, as well as physicss and collision based weapons.

sounds good, but could you show some of some of the sketches, and the vehicle?

Here is the first vehicle, I will upload the sketches soon


HateTank2.a.blend (1.31 MB)

Working in game HateTank

W move forward, S move back, A tilt/Turn Left, D Tilt/Turn Right

space = jump

No limits on button presses yet, I would like to use Torque to move, but its I need the inside to rotate- NEGATIVE EXACTLY as much as the outside, So the driver is not ever upside down etc

right now all rolling is faked with simple move


HateTankRestart.blend (689 KB)

hey, im interested in joining the team,

i can assist in designing weapons and vehicles and anything else,
i also just “migrated” to blender from C4d two months ago, and im looking for a good way to gain more experience in modelling

if your happy for me to join, you can send me a private message with more details, etc

Here is the latest Rev

8-frame rotation based walk forward and back,

here is the file

password zaq1xsw2


Have added OpenGl lighting and shading, a flash light, tweeked robot into a person, had a person offer to join, I really need a advanced python coder, who needs a BIG project, next I am tackeling an inventory system and equiping