Program where?

So, I have one question.
Where in blender do you program?

And, if someone could give me a simple walkthrough that leads you through every little step of making a cube move forward and backward, strafe, and point towards an aimer tied to the mouse cursor that would be wonderful.

If you give me any walkthroughs, keep in mind I started today and know almost nothing of blender. Mainly I have just gotten into the interface.

If you haven’t figured it out yet btw, I’m interested in making a FPS.
Please give me any help you have!

(I’m using the most recent version, I’ve never had an earlier one.)

look at the sticky at the top Sticky: Blender Games/Demos/Tutorial list!
some good ones are in there.

I’m having another problem, and althougth you have a good point, I read through all of that listing and none seen to be of major help. One looked perfect, but scared me with these two lines in the very first section:
“Lets start super basic” and
“Now select the default plane and give it an always sensor connected to a python controller.”
Right. And that means what? I think that a tutorial for a beginner should be a walkthrough, not an abstract command. Telling someone doesn’t help them if they don’t know how. And why.

The problem I’m having is of similar nature. All the tutorials I’m finding seem to be for 2.2something, which is, from what I hear, A: Better than 2.34, and B: the one I DON’T have. I have 2.34, which seems to basically be: “Hey, lets rename a bunch, remove some stuff, add some stuff no one will understand, reduce runtime speed and, reorganize everything!” At least the hot keys are the same. Then again, I am given a chance to get a great program for free with no strings attached, I should be thankful.

2.25 is Blender publisher and what I believe was the last commercial version of blender (someone whos been around longer could confirm). You should be able to download it from Since blender files are mostly backwards compatible as well as forwards compatible, you could make your game in 2.34, and run in 2.25, or just make it in 2.25 if you want. you’ll have to deal with the UI change though because it was different back in 2.25. (you can have as many different versions of blender as you want on your system, just put them in different folders.

thats all i have to say since I’m just learning with the real time engine as well. Good to be learning with you :slight_smile:

Well, to have someone writing a tutorial on how to make the stuff you want in a way that explains everything down to basic is not going to happend…

If you don’t know what a sensor and a controller is, then you have to start learnin the basics! There are no shortcuts to create a game. If you don’t know the tools there’s no chance that you can follow even a simple tutorial.

The Game Kit is now online (you had to buy this book in the past) and it explains (in a simple way) most the tools you need to create your game.
Read it here:

If you think 2.34 is not for you then download 2.25 and start from there.

hmm this only got a few of the chapters?

Yeah, but It’s the most important stuff there. Reference to sensors, controllers and actuators.

:wink: Hey guys don’t forget snailrose’s tutorial. It’s quite long, but very informative. Plus, there’s basics and so much more other things that you can learn from it.

Jason Lin