Programmatic/sequential animation..

Hey guys,

I’m curious, what if I’d like a mechanical sequence of different animations without having to keyframe each action at a different point in the entire animation?

For example, if I have some kind of fancy electronic space station door that has to come out from its door frame before sliding open, how would I go about setting up the animation so it can be easily reproduced, so that those actions always go together? Like there’s some kind of “door open” animation that consists of the door first protruding, and then sliding? Maybe a bank vault would be a better demonstration, but hopefully I’ve gotten the point across.

NLA Editor ?

NLA editor is it. I use it for my Quake 2 animations. You make the individual animations in the action editor, then you put them in the order you want (and can even speed them up or slow them down) in the NLA editor. Very neat tool. It’s a simple NLE for your animations. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I think that’s what I’m looking for.