Programmer looking for low-poly 3d modeler for Wii homebrew rail shooter

I had a modeler for a while but he sorta disappeared on me. I am writing the homebrew game in C. The game loads low-poly OBJ files (each with a single texture) - no animations. I have been working on the game in my spare time for about a year but without new models i cannot populate new stages. You can read about the game on game page on wiibrew and video the last release is here;

The resources of the wii are very limited so the models have to be SNES FX quality so that I can keep the game running at 60 fps. You’ll have to be creative to work within a polygon budget and create stuff thats looks good in this type of game. The video pretty much illustrates your range of freedom. There are certain specifics about how the models must be created so I cannot download/use any random model. They must be created in a specific orientation. If you want to see the OBJ files that the game loads download the game files;

If you are interested, good at blender and can create simple models and output to obj. Then send me a pm. If you have any other questions, reply to this thread or pm. I doubt I’ll be able to port the game to any other platform so this mostly a small part time project.

I would like to help on the project, I’m not a master but I can make pretty simple models. I don’t know how to output to obj though. If you can use me then I would like to help. Thanks

I will help just want do you want to be modeled? Blender can make basically everything under the sun and more. Do you want a wall, horse, or house or do you want a low poly person, “monster”, or alien? Do you want the modeled .obj file to include the texture or will you make that? How low is the poly budget?
also as long as i am not writing in C i will help just i do not know C i know Blender though 2.4x and 2.5x/2.6x pretty well.

You have a rough budget of roughly 300 to 600 triangles and 1 texture file. In order to help out you will need to be able to create a model with a single texture and is one group (no pieces). The model should be not more than 2 units large. It should be centered at 0. if it is airbourne or the lowest point at -1 if it is on the ground (you are basically working in a cube). You need select export normals in the OBJ export option.

If you watch the video you will see that need simple models for the lazer bullets, power ups, explosions, smoke and clouds. Its nothing too difficult but Blender is not my thing, I do the coding and testing side. The job of the model designer would be to maintain a consistent art style for the models. The art style is really up to the model designer and does no have to be “realistic”. I have no figured out how to program animations yet so the models will be static.

Every level I have so far is basically different. A few models are reused but there isn’t a rigid theme. Its basically starwing on drugs.

I ideally I would like to work with one person who can create the model and texture and understands this type of on-rail-shooter/starfox game.

I could certainly help with the low-poly models— but don’t expect too advanced stuff. PM me or reply if you want me to help

Yeah I’m in just send me a message and all that good stuff.