Programmer(s) needed !


I’m creating an advanced AI human baby simulation in UPBGE. I have a plan to give it a way to learn speech, using text.

The task will involve making the textbox randomly type a letter, and wait for 1/4th of a second long, or probably 1/8th or 1/16th of a second long. Then randomly output the next letter, maybe a space like this > tudj imjdl.

Then after the baby is randomly jibbering, I would like if you could also save what it says, have our text input like “Hello baby” enter and search its saved memory of text, match and select the closest matching letters/words, tweak them, save tehm, and output them to us.

Also creating a hierarchy of letters, words, sentences, etc, that we feed into it, and it uses.


I am Ashley Hannes. I have recently send a PM. Please check and let me know. If you have any queries then you can directly e-mail me. My e-mail id is: [email protected]

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Ashley Hannes