Programmer seeking project collaboration

As the thread states, Im seeking a 3D artist who want to participate in a game project.

Genral info about the game
Genre: Action Arena
Length: 2 months
Tasks: 1 player Character, 10 monsters, different props, trees, rocks mainly.
Style: Cartoony
Map: 1, w:1000 , d: 1000; Around

Some of the above might change but its pretty much set in stone.

General game breakdown:
You start off as a player in the middle of a valley, which is the one map. You will choose a skillset to go along, and you will go out and slay monsters. Being the only thing you do in the game there will obviously be a high emphazise on animations and skills being cool, along with various functions that will keep the game entertaining.

The game will first and foremost be a learning process, but I have plans for expansions if things go well. This will merely be a testing ground.

General information about me:
My name is Mads, I am currently educated as a programmer with a 3 year bachelor in computer engineering. Im also working on becoming a construction engineer now and are at my 2nd year.

Hobbies: Programming, sports, drawing(2D, 3D concept and texturing).

Yes I can help out with textures and UV maps / prop models etc. I also got some very early concept drawings, which lay things out. I also got a game design document, just for the purpose of keeping things tidy.

If you are interrested in joining me and collaborate the two of us, might be more later on, but lets keep it low for now.
You can contact me at
Gmail : [email protected]
or skype: madsbekkis

PS: if we are able to get anything at all out of this there will be a split amount ofcourse, but prioritizing is learning and using this for portifolio / demo reel for later job applications.