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something fun to see for night owls …

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Forty minutes? I think not …

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is hilarious from the first minutes … no one forces you to see it until the end …
It’s also true that if you start to see it, and if you do not close the video in the first 5 minutes, you’ll probably see it all

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the summary of this video:
the Romans already knew the truth 2,000 years ago.
they called the money “the devil’s dung”

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bytheway thinking about it better and extending everything to a larger dimension, I believe that at the base of everything there is a system that has been broken and crazy for decades … and yet we do not have the courage to make an evolutionary leap …
but now we are at a point of no return …
this video, this time is long 10 minutes, makes a nice summary of what I mean … and I think it is at the basis of all the follies, funny or not …

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

(Dorro) #7

The rise of the perpetual machine drives the cost of production to zero. All intellectual property belongs in the Creative Commons, but is being held hostage by corporations under the thumb of the one per centers. Welcome to the Information Age baby. If we survive the coming fight over ownership, perhaps we can rebuild from what little remains…

(noki paike) #8

you’re right at 90% …
if it were not that the monetary system … on which everything has evolved went to get fucked …
paradoxically … we got to a total surveillance because the old power went to get fucked thanks to the intrinsic evolution of computer science …
they tried to stem and remove the collapse …
but the reality is, that there is no longer any reasonable reason why the old system will empower you to remain so …

and people are essentially already unconsciously informed about this … with information on how the monetary system really works where few with 2 clicks of mouse produce coins from nothing, and many have to sweat to earn these coins, and many others still can not to survive if you’re not in this lap … which then keeps standing by inaction … but no one believes it anymore …
And let’s face it … all the total surveillance … is a symptom of illness … on the one hand because few fear of losing control and they are losing … and on the other because there are too many who are sick in this system … and for the most banal things … for social injustice, and for the lack of “work” or better “things to do” … that there is an abundance of products and there are no more people who consume … we are at the levels of 1929 …
and this time … the monetary policies adopted by Keynes to get out of the crisis are not enough … it requires a change of paradigm, in which the monetary system is definitively retired.
the planet asks it.
people ask for it.
human intelligence asks for it.

(sundialsvc4) #9

The trouble is – you don’t get paid from “The Creative Commons.” Someone has to "buy a ticket," and your paycheck eventually comes from that (or, from an investor who advances the money that becomes your paycheck, knowing that he will receive a share of the anticipated profits should there be any).

Behind every “great work of art,” that you actually have heard of (because someone promoted it to you …) there is “a business proposition.”

Meanwhile, places like YouTube are stuffed with films that no one has ever heard of nor knows exists – and, no one ever will.

(Ace Dragon) #10

Sorry, but it will be an incredibly long time before you can say that the cost of producing something is zero (as long as even one human is involved in any part of the production).

You have…

  1. Raw materials - someone still has to mine or obtain everything needed to make a product and it’s often not cheap.
  2. Electricity - the machines need a supply of power, and that often comes from plants dozens of miles away, both the plants and powerlines need regular servicing from humans
  3. Programming - The machines need to have instructions on what to do, automation is still pretty reliant on human programmers (as they write better code and fix bugs).
  4. Servicing - The machines can’t walk around and repair each other yet, so they need regular diagnostics and servicing from humans.
  5. Logistics - Human labor is still very much needed to load the products at point A and unload at point B, this will still be true after the trucks start driving themselves.
  6. R&D - It takes a lot of money hire top engineers to do the brainstorming and prototyping sessions to create new pieces of intellectual property. This is less so for animation, but even doing it for ‘free’ still has a time cost.
  7. Management - machines are not yet capable of overseeing the whole process and making sure the company’s plans run smoothly, being careful to match supply to the demand and making sure a profit is made.

There are many people out there who think that the concept of money can disappear in the very near future in favor of everything being free and all work (that can be duplicated or streamed) shared with the masses. There are many variables to take into account (not the least being the expectation that people want to be compensated for the time and energy spent to give you that something you enjoy watching and using).

(noki paike) #11

a video with interesting points of reflection :wink:
Disrupting An Entire Industry | Exponential Manufacturing

(sundialsvc4) #12

Unfortunately, many “experts,” apparently including this professor, regard manufacturing as some kind of abstract activity which need not consider where the manufacturing takes place. Let’s just talk in terms of “widgets” and graphs. Let’s try to find new technologies to let us avoid “putting human beings to work, that they might become gainfully employed and perhaps pay their wages back to us in stores.” (Henry Ford demonstrated far more understanding of this, than anyone has since then – he knew that his own workers had to be able to afford the cars they were making, and that they would pay for them using wages-earned.)

I find it supremely ironic that The USA is not the “go-to place” for manufacturing, especially since it is one of the largest consumers of such goods in the world. Instead, we ship everything from phones to shoes ten thousand sea-miles just to try to “save labor costs.” When, a mere forty years ago, this nation was wealthy enough to afford the best … and, to produce them “a few hundred miles” from the places where they were eventually consumed.

No, we are determined to produce automobile components in “cheaper” factories in Mexico where we pay workers so little that they can’t make ends meet in their own country! Are we sustaining the American economy? No … and, we’re not sustaining the local Mexican economy, either. This is nothing more than exploitation – not “sound business decisions.” We run around saying to one another, “oh, what a very smart boy am I,” when we are nothing but fools.


As long as resources are limited, we always have a need for rationing those resources. We cannot get the people to do any work, without some kind of point system, which rations the resources they work for. Money has been the solution to this problem.

There is a description of America’s condition in the Old Testiment of the Holy bible. Many descriptions of it.

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There is a description of America’s condition in the Old Testiment of the Holy bible. Many descriptions of it.

Meh … prophecies are whatever you make of them. 'Nuff said.

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Programmers_are_evil() *** :joy::joy::joy: