Programmer's guide to Blender Game Engine?

I’m a programmer and can work with python scripts pretty well. I’m currently looking into the Blender Game Engine, and can already work with those Sensors-Controllers-Actuators. Now I want to look into creating scripts to catch input and manipulate some objects, but it’s hard to find any good introductions/tutorials/guides on that :(. Basically I have 2 questions:

  1. Where can I best start, as a programmer, to begin scripting in the Blender Game Engine? Are there any resources out there that I have missed?

  2. Is it possible to control the entire BGE without using sensors etc., but purely based on python scripts alone?


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Anyway, here you can find some useful documentation:

To answer your questions:

  1. Social has an excellent tutorial here. It’s written for people who have messed around with logic bricks, and understand Python, but have yet to use it properly in the BGE. The tutorial is pre 2.49a, so the methods used are now deprecated, but 2.49a gives really useful information in the console window about updating. Another valuable resource is the Blender Game Engine Python API. The 2.49a one is here. B3D00 also has a good thread on the issue here.

  2. No, as far as I am aware, you can’t control the BGE without using sensors, as your Python scripts must take input from them (Social’s tut makes this clearer). Also, for a Python script to even be active in the BGE, you need to at least connect it to an “Always” sensor.

The Gamekit V 2.0 book is another great place to start. Plenty of Python information in there

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I’m going to check out those links. Thanks for your responses!

Thank you for your cooperation! Have a good time in the forum!