Programmers Needed

First and foremost it absolutely must be stated that, at the moment, any position offered is not a paid position, at least currently and possibly for a very long while. Second i must also state that the project being worked on here will require the assistance of a team of professional (does not have to be “pro” as in paid pro, rather, “pro” as in someone who knows what the heck they’re doing) who know Blender very well as well as are proficient in C++, C, and Python scripting/programming skills. Now, on to the project itself.

The project i’m working on is known as JV-RE, however, that’s a later part of the project, what i’m specifically working on now is the program that JV-RE will revolve heavily around. Mind you that this will be a very difficult program to design and will take a long time and lost of work (which is why i need a team to do it and not just myself, i will, of course, assist in this as much as possible), but it’s possible to do what i’m about to share with you.

Some of you have read my previous article on this very subject and found it a bit “offensive” and if that’s your case, you’re entitled to your oppinion on whether it’s right or wrong, but i personally will not tolerate any posting in this thread about it, nor will i respond to them, and if any are posted i will report them to the moderators. This thread is the discussion only of this program, not it’s ethical position.

The program itself will be have a base template using Blender itself (after the program has been completed to a satisfactory degree then the basic template will be thrown out and a new original one will be made (so as not to steal from Blender or its designers). Whether or not this program will ultimately be open source or not is not yet determined because of the amount of work and how much it will be worth by itself.

This program (which for the temporary moment we will give the name JV) has the primary responsibility of converting 2D images of motion into 3D objects of motion. This will enable one to play any digital video into the program and allow it to convert any 2D object that moves in the video to be converted within the program into a 3D object. This will enable superior editing of videos, but much more importantly, the ability to make objects look real in comparison to other 3D graphic programs.

The idea is based from how 2D images can be manually (by you and me) made into 3D images using one front view and one side view picture. Because of the fact that even though 3D graphics in a film are indeed 3D, yet digitally they are only 2D poses a problem because a computer cannot determine from a still 2D image what is what, which things are separate and what things are one (therefore rendering it unable to automatically make a conversion of this magnitude). However, in a film, objects move, and as long as a program can recognize that there is motion from one frame to the next, then it should also be able to recognize that they are the same object moving. therefore it should allow it to find a front and side image of that object from one frame to another down the line, enabling it to automatically create the vertices, lines, and faces required.

Of course the entire thing will not just be automatic as the computer will still require a great deal of human interference to help its selections. This will be notes further in this article. Of course there will require a massive library of 3D objects so that the program will be able to make these recognitions. The hardest part will not be the recognition and creation of these objects, however, rather the hardest part will be the part about how to make it real looking or not. This will be difficult because not only will the program have to recognize what different objects are, but will ALSO have to recognize special properties of the object(s) such as: reflection, soft body, fluid, transparency, physics, particles, specific motion traces, lighting, shadows, and many others.

This is why i need to use Blender as a template and i can’t just make something from scratch to start off with, because of the pure fact that it’ll have to use Blender’s entirety in order to complete the project. Every single movement or special effect in Blender is a completely different setting entirely, so putting this on a still image would be hard, but simple, but putting it on several consecutive frames will prove to be relatively difficult.

I will post after this the other article i had written just for your benefit so that perhaps you may understand better what i have written. The possibilities of this program are endless, but making it will be very difficult.

I myself have yet to learn any kind of programming. I am an IT (Information Systems Technician) in the US Navy and am currently going through my A-School in Pensacola Florida. I plan and am already looking for some good resources for learning C++ and C as quickly as possible. I do however, want to start looking for members of my programming team and see if something might can get done while i’m learning, then i can jump in and become an active member in the programming here. Whoever wants to start on this is welcome, please let me know through email ([email protected]) and i will get back in touch with you on the first step of this project. There are some that must first be done before we can start at all.

If you’re a good programmer/hacker and fluently use C++ and C and are willing to work on this without promise of pay then please email me. For those who are not interested in actually working on the project yet do have the skills to do so, please post some materials or resources that i can get OFF THE NET ONLY to help me in my own learning of C++ and C programming.


3D Film Generator
Okay guys, I’ve been looking and thinking really hard on this, so don’t kill me, okay? I sat down and seriously thought about how to incorporate some of my ideas I had in the other thread. Some of them were a little loopy, in know, but I have sat down and seriously considered this idea. Yes, it will take a great deal of work, and yes I will be the primary person doing it all. No I won’t be doing it absolutely for free as it will be a primary part of a business that I’m planning on starting when I get on my feet. The Business is going to be called JV-RE (Jesus Video Re-Editing), where was basically take movies (old or new) and re-edit the film to lower the rating of the film. I know that I refuse to watch movies rating PG-13 and up. That’s a lot, if not that main majority, of all the really good movies out there. I don’t want to sit there and watch a nude woman walk by, or I don’t like to hear “GD” twenty time in a film. I also don’t like hearing the constant “beep” or the constant silent spaces where curse words are. I would like to be able to just sit down and enjoy a movie. A lot of times, when a movie has been edited for content, they cut out a bunch of scenes that are important to the story line because of the content in it. Now they’re just getting bold and putting it out there anyways and saying, “Forget about editing it, it just takes too much money and time, people hear it every day, they can handle it.”

Folks that’s false. I hear it everyday, yes, and it annoys the crap out of me! I can’t stand hearing someone say God’s name in vain, or hearing constant cursing when I could do without. I don’t like watching nude people because it will cause me to sin and lose the relationship I have with God through Jesus. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, but other than having to not watch the movies and not have to deal with any of it, what can we do about it? Well, that’s why I’ve started this idea for JV-RE, to re-edit movies with the incorporation of 3D graphics. The main focus will be to be able to not only change the vocals of someone cursing, but to change the way their lips move so that the vocals will match the face and make it look more lifelike. One thing I simply can’t stand about 3D graphics is its inability to look as real as possible. I want to be able to not tell the difference between an image of the actual object and the 3D Render of the graphic.

In order to do this, we must first be able to make the graphic exact EVERY TIME. This is impossible if a person makes it by himself, because human error is something that is always going to be there. If a computer does it, it will be exactly the same every time. The computer can also be programmed to notice things that maybe a human would not usually notice. This poses several opportunities to make computer graphics more life-like while simultaneously allowing for the editing of a film and enable quick modeling, skinning, and animating all at once. Below you will find an interview I had with myself to ensure that I asked reasonable questions and give logical answers to those questions. Below that is a similar interview discovering the possible problems with the idea. Please, feel free to read and give your friendly advice if you have any.

  1. I don’t know if your magic program is even possible.
  2. With that knowledge, I doubt anyone will want to help without pay.

Just my two cents, quite literally.

If you are going to restrict the debate of morality of this project, you are not allowed to interject your own thoughts and then deny others. If you refuse to stop posting your own moral position, I will most certainly post mine.

Yeah, I will go out on a limb and label this project as just as insane as Cyborg Dragon’s draconic ramblings.
Anyone bothered by cursing at such a fundamental level really is batshit crazy. And I would edit “crap” out of your post because it’s the same thought that produces “shit”. It’s just expressed in a different way.

Good luck on both getting a programmer to do such a pointless task and not having this thread locked.

Best post ever!

Hey there Cd27. I agree with your sentiment. However, when you post in artistic forums you will generally find more people who disagree, and vehemently.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that what you want to do has been tried before. For example,

If you want to make a business out of this, Hollywood says, “legally, you can’t.” And they will prosecute you.

I used to work at a movie theater ticket counter. Every month I read the little booklet with synopses of all the movies that were playing, just so that I could answer customer questions about them. You honestly aren’t missing much…

Duoas brings up a good point.

You are posting an ultimate conservative idea in an artistic forum, in which most of the members, including myself, are liberal. You are throwing a steak into a lion’s den. Expecting it to come out whole is ridiculous.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to do what you’re talking about?

You know what? I do.

It’s fucking hard.

As in, researchers are working on this and finding it hard kind of hard.

Actually, harder than that. They are working on simpler but similar problems.

Really fucking hard.

I have sat down and seriously considered this idea

Really? Do you have even the slightest idea how this may work?

Not legally, even though that’s pretty dubious, but technically? When you’re asking for a programmer, you should be able to give a detailed specification of what and how your idea should work.

Can you? Even a vague idea? If so, post it here. If not, go and figure it out.


okay that long thread made my head spin.

look, i dont think its possible to rip 3D out of a 2D image, i like the idea, but were not the ones to do it.

now on to editing movies. i dont understand whats your deal with the movies, PG-13 will not have any naked people in it, hence the name “parental guidence for 13 years and below”. A rated R film might have a butt or two, maybe a breast for a few seconds. Im christian but i dont think i would totally “lose” my relationship with God if i go see a movie, nor will i “sin” if i see a naked person in 300. (i know what you mean by “sin”) there is a differnce between a pg-13 film and a porno.

but back to the point, i dont think anyone is going to let you edit their movie. you know how it is with hollywood and copyrights:)

Actually, it is :slight_smile: It’s just immensely hard, even in limited domains.

This is why valarking rules the forums.

Okay, I have to say something.

This forum should be just as welcoming to conservatives as it is liberals, not just liberals, there’s more conservatives here then you think.

Valarking and IanC, if he says he’s bothered by something respect that, don’t give him the thing that bothers him, and what Valarking said sounded like that people should be able to say the F-Bomb on PBS kids shows (><)

Be liberal if you must, but don’t make it the official view of this forum unless you want people to think Blender’s best used by the far left.

To start off there’s algorithms being developed that can take a 3D image from a 2D photo, so it could be possible to an extent. There’s one developed by Carnagie Mellon University that can do this.

I’m not trying to start a flame war, but if you feel you must start one because of someone speaking from the conservative viewpoint, then this has become a very sad place, not everyone here is not bothered by swearing, respect that.

I can handle some swearing, I just don’t like the idea of swearing being okay.

Some of the others are right, payed positions would give people much more incentive.

Just to note, I’ve heard the forum’s famous artist RobertT also doesn’t support hearing the Lord’s name in vain in a thread he made months ago.

Finally, I’m just trying to express my view in this topic without making flame bait, so if you have to be negative towards this post, don’t say anything.

I disagree. Children should not be exposed to that language. There shouldn’t be a “fuck you” on any kid’s show or movie. There also shouldn’t be a “screw you”. They’re the same thing.

Curse words are so easy to use that if you don’t keep kids away from them, they’ll never learn the power of expressing themselves articulately later on.

However, don’t demonize them. There’s nothing inherently evil about the words, but since language is the most direct way of expressing ourselves, it’s very easy for people to get offended when they hear these “thoughts” that other people have.
You need to learn to get over it. Saying “badass” is no worse than saying “awesome”.

There are Christian film companies around that make “clean” films. I’d think learning how to make films and working for one of these companies would be a lot more satisfying and productive than trying to put the cultural genii back in the bottle.

Most of the conservatives I know curse just as vehemently as the liberals, and, according to the news lately, are a lot more hypocritical about their sexuality and their relationship with Christ.

So, you’re a Navy IT, going through A-School in Pensacola, learning job control language for systems that were out of date in the civilian world ten years ago. Great. I’m afraid you really have no clue about the level of programming required to do what you want to do, nor the processing power required. There are whole teams of grad students at Cal Tech, Mit and USC working on this stuff. The best and the brightest from all over the world, people with more experience and training and education than any three of us here on the forum, with grants from the federal government, led by professors with two or three doctorates in mathematics and computer systems engineering who are struggling to make something close to what you are looking for into a reality.

My friend, it is good for a man’s reach to exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

Besides, there’s damn few words in the english language that everyone understands, so we sure as hell should make use of them.

I agree with CD.

Valarking, your point seems to be that words are nothing more than tools used to express oneself, and are therefore not “evil”. While that is true, the real problem people have with words isn’t the word itself, but its meaning (or for idioms, the meaning conveyed).

Part of living in civil society is respecting the right others have to live without being assaulted by foul, indecent, or offensive material. Common courtesy says we should refrain from it in the presence of those who feel that way. Doing so in no way infringes any other person’s right to that same material. Where people fail logically is that they believe they have the right to indulge themselves at the expense of others. If any who read here feel that way, then get over it yourself: go home and watch your porn and fowl language and leave those who don’t want to read it alone.

Offensive language is expressly forbidden on this forum. I know that doesn’t stop some, and our current dearth of active moderators makes it hard to keep up and police the riff-raff. That shouldn’t be an excuse to stick your elbows out and make a bully fool of yourself.

Valarking makes one other good point. Vulgar language is so called because it is the lowest denominator. Learn to express yourself without it and you will gain power in language. Bad language leads many to believe it expresses power, but all it does is express anger and frustration and ignorance. When a person speaks with true power the losers cuss and rant and slink away.

That becomes a problem when other people don’t feel the same way as you do.

I find it offensive, really I do, if someone is going to alter movies that have made their way almost like art into our culture.

So stop.

Plus no swearing allowed forces someone to be creative with their insults, like, “your idea is nothing but like rotting chicken feathers”:stuck_out_tongue:

damn orinoco! you hit hard man… take it easy a little there, so much stress is bad for you.