Programmers seek 3d artists for a game

Hello, we are 3 programmers actually making the game with UDK, the three knowing c++ and unrealscript, one knows also scaleform.
We are making a game, with perspectives to publish it on ios and pc at first, no pay, if we make money, it will be divided beetween the team,
The game is a roman RPG, in Rome. The first thing to do its a combat system and some basic item features, in a gladiator arena(the ios game will probably be only the arena)

We have a basic 3rd person combat system, we need urgently animators 3d modellers and texturers are wellcome.

We dont have much to showcase now, the combat anims are worst than horrible and the ui its not completed, also the only 3d assets we have are placeholders made in 2 minutes.
We are using Blender as the main 3d program, becouse we dont want to pay for commercial programs like 3ds or maya and I think blender its very good.

do you have a list of models and stuff you need made?

a lot
mainly a gladiator, some armors and weapons, all animations.
and many extra stuff

I suggest giving some demos of what you already have.
People will note waste time creating models that they may or may not benefit from.
Do you have a plan? Story? more stuff that i cant think of, but i have seen numerous post here of people asking volunteers, that have never got off the ground
Again you need something to back your project up before you can expect people to join in.