Programming in Blender

At this point I can’t see me ever understanding how to program in the game engine or even outside the game engine. I am giving different game engines a go mostly Blender based game engines. I did download one called o3do or something like that but I tried the UPBGE. I didn’t like it. Now I am trying range engine. I like it much better but my biggest pet peeve is that it highlights in Blue instead of yellow and I have a hard time seeing it but the entire point of my rant was to learn how to write code in the game engine. I know in Blender you have to import BGE before you can do anything. I am not sure if it is the same in the Range Engine. Please excuse my horrible punctuation skills.

You can change the Text Editor color in your User Preference, Theme settings.

If your still looking to learn programming in UPBGE i can show you the basics of programming a simple game.

Fyi, he’s not using UPBGE, he’s using RanGE. But unless you’re using UPBGE 0.3+, which has some API deprecations/changes, that shouldn’t matter.

…Oh. Well I actually do use UPBGE 0.3+ now ,but I started with BGE 2.79, and have used UPBGE 0.2.I do know how to do basic programming on all three. And how to make a simple game. I took a look at RanGE I think I can do one there too. I actually ever heard of it twice this morning and just now. On the same site small world. Thanks for telling me. I love new information about programs.

Would you like to learn I could show you. I would teach all who would like to know the basics of programming a game within the list is, basic overlay, item pickup, character movement, badguy movement, itemdrop, talk system, team member following, life bar or number, and sprites.

When I was trying to learn it was hard to find Info on it so I want to help.

I am really not to concerned about the color . I just want to know how to go about programming within Blender . The entire reason that I got into programming was to make games.

that would be awesome

I mostly us Blender 2.7.9 and Range Engine but I would like to learn some other game Engines like Unreal Engine , maybe Unity , I wouldn’t mind using Godot however I hear that it can be really buggy .

I hear there are about to be some big changes to unity that a lot of people are not happy with