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it is since a long time actually.

Would you consider it abuse of my power to do that myself?[/quote]

I think we’re all used to you abusing your power by now. j/k ;). I actually think that it would be a good decision to change it. Perhaps to what is the best game engine and put options like ogre3D, irrlicht etc. I think game engines allow you to use various programming languages (C, C++, scripts) to control it so it would be easier to just specify an engine preference and the reasons can be answered in the thread which may include specifics about the languages you can use, engine performance, ease of use etc.

Lol, couldn’t you have picked a better example shbaz?

Anyways, I agree that if you want to learn OpenGL, the red book is very useful indeed. It was the only guide I found that let me know how to get the mouse to interact with an OpenGL context. It’s pretty much the only book I needed to get to grips with OpenGL but the NeHe dev site is pretty good too.

The only thing I didn’t like about NeHe is that it didn’t show much of the steps. It sort of said here is what we are going to do and here it is in code and trying to understand what bits had been written to do what was sometimes difficult to follow. The best thing to do is to write something of your own and when you get stuck ask how do I e.g. texture map in OpenGL instead of just saying how do I make a game because that will likely get you no where. Most of the learning process as with Blender and most software depends on how much you put in.

Interesting perspective shbaz.

osxrules: When I meant correct I meant just removing the poll, and if the user wants to add it again in a different format then let them do that.

I think we’re all used to you abusing your power by now.

I believe the word you were looking for was “proactive”, you seemed to miscommunicate there. I think I’ll edit your post to fix it…