Programming questions

(Skanime) #21

Cool. How can you get polygon count on a model?

(Skanime) #22

300 seems a little low thinking about it. One modeler who has offered to help showed me a sample model that didn’t look to complex and said it was alreay over 300 and was not comnplete. Are you sure that’s right?

The box for my Geforce2 says 20M (M = not sure) triangles/sec setup. Granted we don’t have Geforce2’s at school.

(saluk) #23

Well, I’m just giving you the low-end.

Higher-end games use characters with more than 1000, I’m not really sure how much this would push blender though. Why don’t you guys run some tests?

put in some basic code to walk around, then continue subdividing the main characters vertices until he is like 1000 polys. Now copy him around the screen for as many characters as you will need at a time, and see what that does to the speed of controlling him.

(Skanime) #24

How can I get a polygon count on a model though?

(ilac) #25

With the object selected look up next where you have what Blender Version is currently running. There you will find text similar to:

ve:0 fa:0 Ob:0-0 etc

but with the relevant data instead of 0.