Programming - Talk About Software Licences (Not technical)

I have read that unlicenced code is more harmful than licenced, I want to share my code using anonymous and non-restrictive licence. As far as I know MIT licence is the best, but I also consider WTFPL.

What bothers mostly and starting this thread is when I need to distribute a project as “free”, I don’t care about credits and neither I want to provide any guarantees (support, bugfix, e.t.c.) because I want to develop project in my own pace.

That way I want to provide complete freedom to other programmers so they can modify my projects as their own.

Any ideas?

It depends. The MIT license allows to reuse the code in proprietary releases. If that’s what you want.

There’s also Copyleft and GPLv3 to consider.
Copyleft pretty much is a do-what-you-want-with-it-as-long-as-whatever-you’ve-done-with-it-is-still-free approach.
Copyleft is no license per se, there are copyleft licenses accepted by the FSF and the OSI - subject to research.
GPLv3 is well, a subject to study as well :smiley:

Thanks this make sense.

It seems that GNU GPL is the most common and bullet proof licence, however any other variation of it (X11 or MIT, Public Domain, etc) will be compatible with it.

GNU GPL has a huge downside, also occurring with Blender, you are not allowed to link your code to/with anything not using GNU GPL.
Which is quite restrictive:

Maybe LGPLv3 is for you :smiley:

-I want to share my code using anonymous and non-restrictive licence

So make your own license… or just give out stuff.

Hm? How could unlicensed code hurt anyone? At least, how could it hurt anymore than MIT? I mean, as far as I can see, MIT seems to be akin to giving the stuff away. Unless I’m missing something…

But, yeah, like adam450 said, write your own license. It might be annoying, but I know a few guys who do it, and they don’t seem to have any problems.

For starters, even unlicensed, the author holds the copyright. And you’re unable to determine who it was without license/copyright notice.
I wouldn’t use any code I find without knowing if I get claims lateron because the copyright owner decides so.

If you want to properly contribute your stuff to the community it’s a good start to choose one of the gazillion licenses accepted by the FSF or OSI.

The Unlicense might also be a viable choice:

I think you simply decöare it is written by you and you share it as public domain.