Programs similar to Node Editor?

As a website designer, I often find it useful to lay out designs on paper, in a flowchart style, with lines as links and boxes representing pages. By doing so, I can visualize how the site will work, how to organize it, and how to structure the code once I start writing.

I recently thought how useful the features of Blender’s Node Editor would be in such a situation. The realtime interface, along with the connecting lines could prove very useful. If it were possible to add subpages, descriptions, even small images that might go on the page… I think it could speed up the development process, for me at least. :yes:

Does anyone know of such an opensource program?
Or perhaps someone would be willing to…help me get started making it myself. :smiley:
(That’s not realistically possible at this point, but I’d sure be interested in doing it in the future. If someone was along for the ride with me, I think it’d be well worth it.)

So let’s get this straight.
You want a program which you can create flowcharts…
Well, if so; FreeMind (

I probably have less than half the web knowledge you have, but reading what you are asking about, I’d suggest UML, or flash mc’s using AFLAX to create your “connect-to-node” interactive diagrams.

Just an Idea.